Business Divisions

Membrane Science and Technology

  • MF/ UF/ NF Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • Anti-bacterial Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • Composite Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • OSF Hollow Fiber Membranes


  • Solid Waste Management
  • Waste Plastics To Fuel Oil Production
  • Composite Polimer Materials Manufacturing

Life Science and Technology

  • Hollow Fiber Membranes For Hemodialysis

Membrane Science and Technology

Galaxy Research Technologies – GRT – (India) designs and develops micro/ultra/nano hollow-fiber (MF/UF/NF) membranes with excellent properties and robust life-expectancy that give confidence in your water/ waste-water treatment system's operation and helping you comply with regulatory requirements.

Advantages :
GRT’s hollow fiber membranes are utilized for drinking water, waste water, tertiary and water reuse applications, as well as industrial feed-water and reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment. The advanced hollow fiber membrane technology is applicable in domestic, commercial, municipal, medical, industrial applications. Our propriety membranes provide the following unique advantages:

  • Higher filtration throughput .
  • Extends the life of RO filter.
  • Low pressure operation
  • High chemical resistance
  • Wide pH operation from 2-13
Applications :
  • Water treatment - Bore-Well and Municipal water.
  • Waste water treatment
  • Sewerage water
  • Slit water treatment
  • Oil recovery from Water-Oil mixture

GRT India is thriving to helping customers to increase the performance of their water operations systems through innovative antibacterial membrane technologies. Developed, tested and manufactured in India, GRT’s proprietary antibacterial ultrafiltration membranes showed positive results against Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria

Advantages :

  • In-house synthesis of antibacterial composite hollow fiber membrane
  • High Antibacterial efficacy of composite membrane
  • Ultra-stable membranes which removes Bacteria, Virus and Cysts
  • Safeguards you and your loved-ones to feel healthy and happy
Applications :
  • Filters water from several sources such as bore-well, municipal and storage water

The combination of nano materials with membrane as composite fibres could separate the water from waste water comes from a variety of sources such as crude oil production, oil refineries, the petrochemical industry, metal processing, and car washing, lubricants without any difficulties that has never been without challenges. We are in the course of developing of cost-effective graphite-based composite hollow fiber membranes for providing fresh water in adequate amounts because it is the need of the domestic and commercial industries. Graphite-based composite hollow fiber membranes were developed and tested with the diesel removal rate of about 10% from water without odour.

Advantages :

  • Working under low pressure and High throughput
  • Long life when compared with conventional filters
  • Composite membrane has high chemical resistance
  • Wide pH operation from 2-13
Applications :
  • Removal of organic contaminants
  • Odour removal from the water / waste water
  • Oil waster separation
  • Water desalination
  • Removal of heavy metal ions

Organic solvents are widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and food and beverages. However, most of the solvent manufacturers and recycling companies have been utilizing and rely on the energy intensive and current distillation process. GRT Singapore has developed a proprietary technology and unique hollow fiber membrane material, to separate the organic solvents with moderate CAPEX and OPEX in comparing to the conventional approaches.

Advantages :

  • OSF membrane technology is applicable for non-polar through polar to polar aprotic
  • Reduces process costs and increase its efficiency.
  • Environment-friendly approach of OSF selective membrane technology hybrid with PV process proposes an apt and economically viable, waste minimization, more solute/solvent recovery option for existing process such as energy intensive distillation, extraction or solvent separation.
  • Molecular weight cut off region ranges between 200 and 1000 Dalton.
  • OSF with PV system design is easy to maintain, low maintenance, membrane backwash is possible and good mechanical strength of the membrane.
Applications :
  • It is being covered the full spectrum of chemical process industries, e.g. pharma, fine chemicals and flavour & fragrance using solvent-stable membranes.
  • Solvent recovery
  • Solvent exchange
  • Recycling of organic solvents
  • Purification