Are The who, what and why our company exists

Galaxy Research Technologies (GRT) Was Born
Our Beginning

GRT was originally incubated by Tiruchirappalli Regional Engineering College-Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (TREC-STEP) that so far promoted several innovative-based ventures in manufacturing, clean-tech and nanotechnology. GRT has won “entrepreneurs seed funding” from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India through TREC-STEP.

GRT was established at our hometown and started conducting experiments with spinning processing and then marched into fabricating hollow fiber membranes within very limited in-house facilities available with that time. We understand/develop the process know-how to address much-needed social applications

JUNE 2013
Product Launch

GRT has developed PVDF-based hollow fiber membranes that then made into cartridges. We launched a commercial water filtration system equipped with “our hollow fiber cartridge” for drinking water applications. GRT had an opportunity to deep dive into the real world of commercial products and learnt about the different things that actually governs at the actual field.

MTPL was Born

MEMFILL TECH PRIVATE LIMITED (MTPL) has grown from GRT and came into existence with a vision to producing hollow fibre membranes, designing and developing domestic/industrial nano/ultra-purification filters/treatment systems for clean water applications.

MTPL thrives to find best possible innovative membrane technological solutions for its valued customers with quality and reliable products but not ignoring cost-efficiency. Our strength is to focus on our core business, nano/ultra-filtration and ensure full control of the value chain, from manufacturing hollow fibers, cartridges to system commissioning. MTPL serves its house-hold, commercial, municipal and industrial clients, offering the best materials and the best hollow fibre membrane geometry, as applicable.

Phase One and Two Expansion

GRT/MTPL witnessed a progressive development in spinning processes with domestic (phase one) and imported (phase two) equipment/sample fabrication/production facilities for making different kinds of hollow fiber membranes by varying their properties depending on applications.

Product Development

With that membrane processes developed (and being improved, and scaled-up), we are now into producing hollow fiber membranes and cartridges for wide-range of industrial applications.